Dental Crowns in Adelphi, MD


If you are looking for the best support with dental crowns in Adelphi, Maryland, you should speak to the experts at Ashley Dental Center. At our practice, we can take the mystery out of restorative dentistry and all of their benefits so that you can have the very best care possible. There are a lot of questions surrounding dental crowns and what they are, so we’re going to answer all of your questions. You deserve to feel confident about the dental treatment that you receive, so let’s dive in!


What Are Dental Crowns?

dental crowns Ashley Dental Center dentist in Adelphi, MDTeeth that have damage or decay do not heal themselves; they need a little help. Dental crowns are prosthetic caps that shelter your natural tooth to provide a new, healthier version. Before placing a crown, we heal the underlying natural tooth if damaged or decayed. We also form it to maximize the best possible fit for the new crown. 

Crowns offer protection to prevent cracking, and when the teeth have been worn down or cracked due to health issues or wear and tear, crowns can prevent any further damage from occurring. Here at Ashley Dental Center, we offer a range of restorative options to improve dental health in both adults and children.

Structurally compromised teeth will always benefit from the power of dental crowns; they enable the tooth to be stronger. A dental crown is a piece of ceramic, porcelain, or metal that sits on top of a damaged tooth – and, in some cases, covers the tooth to the gum line. 

Crowns often hold the weaker teeth together to protect teeth from cracking or falling out. In some cases, we use crowns along with other dental fixes, such as bridges and a root canal. The combination will further protect and support the teeth.


Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

The best way to tell if a dental crown is a suitable solution for your dental issues is to book an appointment with the dentists at Ashley Dental Center. We can tell you whether your tooth is damaged and what restorative options you should consider.


Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Tooth Restoration. When we place a crown onto a tooth, we restore its size, shape, and color. The crown creates a protective shield around the tooth to make it strong again and even decayed, and badly broken teeth are strengthened as a result.
  • Cover Stains. Crowns will protect badly stained teeth, giving you confidence in your smile once again. They can significantly improve the appearance of your smile in just one or two visits!
  • Prevent Decay. Your dental crown can protect even a decayed tooth from any further deterioration. Your dentist can tell you which crowns would work for your teeth, and they will custom fit them for you.
  • You Won’t Need Many Appointments. Dental crowns don’t require much time to complete, especially when comparing them to dentures or other implants. We can complete crowns within a few appointments.
  • Easy To Get Used To. The prosthetics are as strong as natural teeth, and they don’t take very long to get used to! It takes around a month to get used to the feel of crowns on your teeth, and a dental crown will feel and function just like a regular tooth.


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Dental crowns are a great way to enhance your smile. If you have dental decay or a cracked tooth, don’t wait to restore your smile.

There are several advantages to crowns, such as covering stains and preventing dental decay. If you think a dental crown could benefit you, call our office today to see if you are a candidate. We’ll get you booked to see one of our dental experts.