Emergency Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

emergency dentistry Ashley Dental Center dentist in Adelphi MDIf you have severe tooth pain in your mouth or a tooth problem that needs immediate attention, you have a dental emergency. We are here to help! We will do what we can to get your in for emergency treatment as soon as possible. Quick treatment is sometimes essential to prevent further damage and stop your constant pain. So if you need emergency dentistry, come to Ashley Dental Center.


What Requires Emergency Dentistry?

Pain and sensitivity are signs of a dental emergency. Cavities, cracks in teeth, abscesses, or infections can result in tooth sensitivity and pain. 

Sometimes it isn’t apparent that we have a dental emergency because the problem could be inside our tooth or gums. Sudden sensitivity and severe pain can signify that you can have an underlying problem. Some sensitivity may feel like throbbing or stabbing pain that comes and goes, while other times, it may be a constant aching pain. 

Try to identify the pain before your appointment so Dr. Ashley can better treat the dental concern. If you’re not able to, don’t worry. Dr. Ashley can perform a thorough evaluation and spot dental issues even before they’re symptomatic. 

If you feel pain in your mouth and don’t know what the problem is, the best way to find out is to come in and get diagnosed to help remove the pain and solve the problem. Remember, tooth pain is not normal, and you should visit Dr. Ashley right away for a dental visit. 


Broken or Displaced Tooth

Breaking a tooth is a very uncomfortable situation that can happen to anyone. Our everyday eating habits can cause a tooth to break. It is very susceptible to decay when a tooth breaks because the inner part is exposed. Having decay or bacteria reach the inner tooth can cause miserable pain. 

It is best if you have broken a tooth to come in as soon as possible to discuss possible options to keep your tooth healthy and eliminate pain.

In the unfortunate event of getting a tooth knocked out, time is of the essence in saving your tooth, depending on the situation. In the case of unexpectedly losing a tooth, there are ways to be protected and placed into its original place. 

When your tooth is first knocked out, try to locate it. Do not clean it off when you find it because this could damage the tooth’s essential structures. If necessary, you can rinse it off with clean, cool water. 

Next, if it fits, place the tooth back in its socket. If the tooth does not work in the socket, you can put it in a bag or bottle of milk until you reach the dental office. 

Lastly, call Ashley Dental Center immediately and tell us that you are coming in for an emergency dental appointment. 

Your dentist can sometimes restore a fully displaced tooth. However, in other cases, it may not be possible. Do not worry. Ashley Dental Center has several restoration options to make your smile look and feel natural. 


Restoration Options for Dental Emergencies 

Dr. Ashley can restore your smile in many different ways depending on the type of dental emergency. If you break part of a tooth, he may recommend dental bonding or a dental filling. If you are missing a large amount of your tooth in a dental break or after dental decay, your dentist can restore it with a dental crown. Lastly, if you lose your tooth, Dr. Ashley can restore your smile with a dental implant. 


Emergency Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD 

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency in the Silver Spring area and are suffering from any severe pain or a displaced or broken tooth, please do not hesitate to give us a call! Our team at Ashley Dental Center wants to help eliminate the pain and get you feeling right.