Dental Implants in Adelphi, MD

dental implant placementsHaving a missing tooth can affect your confidence and the overall health of your mouth and teeth. Having your teeth in their full, complete form is vital for bite functionality and overall dental health. When a tooth goes missing, the socket of the bone that is supposed to hold the tooth in place starts to deteriorate. Deterioration can further weaken the jawbone, leading to more tooth loss. A missing tooth can cause other problems without restorative dentistry. Our teeth are accustomed to slightly moving over to accommodate eating habits or new teeth coming in. With a missing tooth, our teeth still move, causing a disruption to the mouth’s alignment and creating problems with the bite. Dental implants can fill any gaps in your smile and prevent further problems. 

Let the dental implant specialists take a look at your dental issue. Dr. Paul Ashley and Dr. Michael Ashley would be glad to help you at Ashley Dental Care in Silver Spring, MD!


Implant Placement Steps

After you and the dentist decide that an implant is right for you, the next step will be getting the implant placed into your mouth surgically.

Some patients may worry about the surgical factor when receiving an implant because of the associated healing pain. However, we offer the latest technology, the highest standards, and the greatest expertise to ensure your comfort during and after the procedure. 

Before surgery, Dr. Ashley will take images of your smile. This process helps him understand if a tooth needs to be removed before the dental implant surgery. If you need an extraction, Dr. Ashley will do that before placing the dental implant. 

A titanium post is placed into the missing tooth’s socket under the gum line and into the jaw bone during surgery. This post acts as the root for the new tooth. When the implant is complete, the post’s function is to keep the jaw bone healthy and strong to keep it from deteriorating. The post stimulates the bone and creates a dense area, maintaining the jaw structure and shape as you bite down. 

The next step is to place the abutment. We use an abutment to affix the dental implant post to the prosthetic tooth. The team will take an impression of your smile to create the perfect fitting dental crown. 

Lastly, you will discuss which dental implant attachment you will need. If you only have one missing tooth, Dr. Ashley will recommend a dental crown. The dental crown is not placed when the post is set because the jaw needs time to accept the post and heal. 

Once the mouth is healed, usually after a few weeks, your dentist can install the replacement tooth to make your smile whole and healthy once again. Once the dental crown arrives from the lab, Dr. Ashley will place the dental crown or other attachment on top of the abutment.   

Lastly, he will make small changes to the dental crown as needed to ensure it fits perfectly. If something doesn’t feel right even at this final stage, don’t worry. We can still make adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit and functionality. 


Contact Us Today to Look Into Dental Implants

Implants look the same as natural teeth and are just as durable. If you have lost a tooth, please don’t hesitate to contact our office to see if an implant is right for you! 

Dr. Paul Ashley, Dr. Michael Ashely, and our team are here to help you fill in the gaps in your smile to keep you happy and healthy. With a dental implant, not only will your smile look beautiful, it will be highly functional. Our mission is to provide residents in Silver Spring, Maryland, the highest quality of dental implant care.