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Don’t hesitate to contact Ashley Dental Center today for premium dental care and top-notch service. We eagerly await your arrival. We offer dentistry services that everyone in the family can rely on. We have specialists who can treat you regardless of your age or dental issue, as well as a relaxing environment for a pleasant experience. At Ashley Dental Center, we want to help our patients maintain a healthy, natural smile to prevent the need for extraction. 


Why Get a Dental Extraction?

Extractions are our last resort for treating a damaged or unhealthy tooth. We do all that we can to try and help you save your natural tooth if possible.

We might need to remove a tooth if damage or decay has become too extensive. In some cases, we can restore a damaged or unhealthy tooth with a filling or a crown, but not always. Sometimes the best choice is to extract the affected tooth to prevent infection or decay from spreading to surrounding teeth and tissues.  


When Would I Need a Dental Extraction?

The situations where we would suggest a controlled extraction would be: 

  • Wisdom teeth removal – Many patients are born with a back molar tooth called a wisdom tooth. Often this tooth does not erupt correctly, and it can cause pain and damage to the mouth. Dr. Ashley will probably suggest removing a wisdom tooth before it becomes painful. 
  • Severely broken teeth – sometimes we can cement a damaged tooth piece back in place or restore a displaced tooth, but not always.
  • Abscessed tooth – an infection can be severe, and extraction is sometimes the best option to prevent spreading.
  • Failed root canal treatment – sometimes restorative dental options are worth the effort, even when there’s a chance they won’t turn out expected. Extraction is always an option. 
  • Very weak natural teeth enamel – sometimes teeth can have design issues. Dental crowns, implants, and extraction could be corrective options, among others.
  • Baby teeth that need to be removed. 

Although extractions are usually the last treatment option, they can be very beneficial and necessary in maintaining the health and strength of the surrounding teeth. 


What is the Dental Extraction Process?

Only a dental professional with years of experience and training can diagnose a necessary extraction. Dr. Ashley will help you understand the specific treatment plan and explain why the tooth needs extraction. Depending on the reason for extraction, such as wisdom teeth removal, we may refer a patient to a dental specialist. 

We want our patients to feel comfortable in our dental chair, regardless of the treatment or procedure that they are experiencing. Many patients may experience nervousness and stress for a process such as dental extraction. If you believe you could benefit from sedation dentistry, we offer sedation options to help you feel calm throughout your treatment. Our sedation options are completely safe and allow patients comfort and peace. 

Once we have removed your tooth, we will provide detailed instructions on the recovery process and how to stay as comfortable as possible during healing. 


Some Alternative Restorative Options

Possible restorations for missing teeth include dental implants, dental bridges, overdentures, and dentures. Depending on the number of teeth missing and what Dr. Ashley suggests will determine the type of restoration that would work best for your specific situation. 


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