Fillings in Silver Spring, MD

Not only are we passionate about helping our patients prevent dental issues from occurring through proper oral hygiene, but it is also essential to us to offer state-of-the-art dental restorations. Our most common restorative procedure are simple yet beautiful fillings that can restore your teeth after decay. 

Once we’ve diagnosed a cavity, we recommend coming into our Hyattsville / Adelphi, Maryland, dental office as soon as possible to have it restored with a filling. 


Why Do I Need Dental Fillings?

fillings Ashley Dental Center dentist in Adelphi, MDThe main reason we recommend dental fillings is for patients to restore teeth that have dental decay. When debris build-up it attracts bacteria to the tooth. The bacteria create an acid that burns holes in the outside tooth portion. The decay then buries itself in the gaps making the dental decay worse. The only way to restore dental decay is to remove it to prevent it from spreading.

Additionally, we recommend correcting the cavity with a dental filling. A dental filling is made of composite resin, which is a tooth-colored filling. The filling will look and feel similar to a natural tooth. 


The Filling Procedure

The first step in the procedure is to numb the area using local anesthesia. Although filling cavities is a minor and routine procedure, we understand that many patients may be scared or nervous. If you are incredibly worried about the procedure, please let us know. We have a few techniques that can make you more comfortable during dental filling. 

Once we completely numb the area, we will use a dental drill to slowly and carefully remove all traces of the cavity. We will remove the entire hole to prevent further infection.

Once removed, the space where the cavity once was will be cleaned and prepared for the filling placement. The tooth-colored composite resin filling material is placed into the hole, packed in tightly, and then hardened with a curing light. 

The final step is to ensure that the filling matches the tooth’s anatomy and does not protrude. Dr. Ashley will use the dental drill to shave down excess material and buff the filling to fit perfectly into your new smile. 


How Can I Prevent Dental Decay?

We recommend that patients prevent dental decay by establishing an excellent oral hygiene routine. Oral hygiene occurs inside and outside of the dental office. First, Dr. Ashely recommends that patients brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day. Secondly, we recommend that patients visit Ashley Dental Center twice a year for a dental cleaning and exam. The exam and cleaning will help prevent dental decay and keep your teeth healthy. 


What Happens if I Don’t Get Dental Fillings?

If you have been diagnosed with a minor or significant dental decay, it is essential to correct the dental problem with a filling as soon as possible. When left alone, cavities can spread quickly and create severe and even permanent damage to your teeth. 

Fillings are very cost-effective compared to other more invasive therapeutic procedures. If the cavity grows and infects most of the tooth, your dentist might suggest more extensive procedures such as a dental crown. 

Once a tooth has become severely infected, it is almost impossible to perform restorative procedures that allow you to preserve your natural tooth. In some cases, tooth extraction is necessary, and your dentist will offer full tooth replacement options to you. 


The Best Dental Filling Service in Silver Spring

At Ashley Dental Center, we offer the best dental technology and procedures available. If you are diagnosed with a cavity, we encourage you to come to see us as soon as possible.

If you have been experiencing constant pain in a single tooth or believe that you could be developing a cavity, please contact our Silver Spring, Maryland, dental office to set up an appointment for Dr. Ashley to examine your teeth.