Dental Crowns Silver Spring, MD

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Dental Crowns Silver Spring, MD

Are you self-conscious about your smile? Our dental crowns in Silver Spring MD, can give you the confidence to show your smile again. Dental crowns are customized caps that fit over teeth using specialized dental methods and technologies. Crowns are a great way to improve the appearance of teeth that are cracked, broken, stained, or misshapen. We use the latest technology to create beautiful, natural-looking dental crowns that will improve your smile and your confidence. 


What Are Dental Crowns, and When Are They Used?

At Ashley Dental Center, we offer dental crowns to our patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth. Dental crowns are caps that are placed over teeth. They are used for various reasons, such as to restore a tooth’s shape and size, protect a tooth that is heavily damaged, or cover a discolored or misshapen tooth.

Crowns can be made from various materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal. Crowns are usually placed over the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum line. In some cases, however, they may also be placed on the tooth’s root if it is exposed due to gum recession.

Placing a dental crown typically involves numbing the tooth and surrounding tissue, carefully preparing the tooth by removing any damaged structure, and then placing the crown over the tooth and cementing it into place. After the procedure, there may be some temporary discomfort and sensitivity; however, this should resolve within a few days. Overall, dental crowns are a safe and effective way to improve the appearance and function of your teeth.


How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Dental crowns are an investment in your smile and your dental health! The cost of dental crowns will vary depending on the material used, the tooth’s size and shape, and the procedure’s complexity. However, dental crowns are generally very affordable, especially compared to other dental procedures. When you see the result and understand the new functionality of dental crowns, you may believe they are well worth the investment.

The best way to understand the cost of your customized dental crown procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul W. Ashley or Dr. Michael Ashley. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and provide accurate cost estimates and helpful recommendations. 


Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a good option for many people with tooth issues. However, crowns are not right for everyone. For example, people with bruxism may grind their teeth at night and damage their crowns. In addition, people with fragile teeth may not be good candidates for crowns because they may not be able to support the weight of the restoration. If you are considering dental crowns, talk to us to see if they are right for you.


What to Expect After Getting Dental Crowns?

After getting dental crowns, it is normal to experience some discomfort and sensitivity. In addition, the gums may be swollen and tender for a few days.

It is essential to care for the crowns by brushing and flossing regularly. It is also important to avoid chewing hard foods or using the teeth as tools, as this can damage the crowns. With proper care, dental crowns can last for many years.


Excellent-Quality Dental Crowns in Silver Spring MD

Dental crowns are an excellent option for restoring teeth that are severely damaged or decayed. If you need dental crowns, our team can help.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about your smile anymore. We offer excellent-quality dental crowns in Silver Spring MD, and we would be happy to discuss your treatment options. You can get a brand-new, beautiful, and confident smile with a dental crown from Ashley Dental Center. 

Please schedule an appointment today, and let us help you achieve the perfect smile.