Dentures Silver Spring, MD

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Dentures Silver Spring, MD

Are you looking for a reputable dentist who can provide dentures in Silver Spring MD? Look no further! Ashley Dental Center provides high-quality dentures and personalized care to our patients. Dr. Paul W. Ashley and Dr. Michael Ashley will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


What Are Dentures, and What Do They Do?

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace missing teeth. They are usually made of porcelain or plastic and are held in place by suction or adhesives. We can use dentures to restore the appearance of a smile, and they also help to improve the function of the teeth by making it easier to eat and speak. In addition, dentures can also help to support the cheeks and lips, preventing them from sagging. For many people, dentures are an essential part of their daily routine.

Making dentures is a complex process that requires skill and precision. We may work with dental laboratories to craft the dentures to ensure you receive the highest quality dentures that fit perfectly within your smile. We will also discuss the different types of dentures available and help you choose the best option for your needs.

The process of making dentures begins with a consultation. During the consultation, we will take impressions of your teeth and gums. These impressions will be used to create a model of your mouth, which will be used to create your dentures. The denture is polished and finalized before being ready to fit into your mouth. 


Types of Dentures Available in Adelphi, Maryland

There are two main types of dentures available: full and partial. Full dentures are used when all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth need to be replaced. Partial dentures are used when some of the patient’s natural teeth remain.

In addition, there are two types of partial dentures: removable and fixed. Removable partial dentures can be taken out by the patient, while fixed partial dentures are permanently attached to the remaining natural teeth or dental implants. Both types of dentures have advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to consult with us to determine which type is right for you.


Caring For Your Dentures

While dentures in Silver Spring MD can significantly improve the quality of life for those who wear them, they also require special care to stay clean and in good condition. Here are a few tips for caring for your dentures:

  • Rinse your dentures after each meal to remove food particles and plaque.
  • Soak your dentures overnight in a denture cleanser to kill bacteria and remove any built-up tartar.
  • Handle your dentures gently, as dropping them can cause them to break.
  • See your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups.

These simple tips can help keep your dentures looking and feeling their best.


Getting Used to Dentures

When you first get dentures, it is normal to feel a bit strange. It may take a while to get used to wearing them. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to your new dentures:

  1. Start by wearing them for a few hours at a time. Gradually increase the amount of time you wear them each day.
  2. After each meal, rinse your mouth with water to remove any food particles that may be trapped under your dentures.
  3. Avoid chewing gum or eating hard foods like nuts, as this can damage your dentures.
  4. Practice speaking and making facial expressions in front of a mirror. Practicing will help you get used to how your dentures look and feel.

With time and patience, you can quickly get used to wearing dentures and feel confident about your new smile!


Dentures to Make You Smile in Silver Spring, Maryland

dentures in Silver Spring MD are an excellent option for people who have lost teeth due to decay, gum disease, or injury. If you’re in the market for dentures, Ashley Dental Center can help. We offer a variety of denture types so that you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and needs. And don’t worry – getting used to dentures is easy! Our team will work with you every step to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with your new smile.

Contact us today for a consultation – we can’t wait to hear from you!