Restorative Dentistry: Overview, Treatments, Benefits

Restorative Dentistry: Overview, Treatments, Benefits dentures and bridges Ashley Dental Center dentist in Adelphi MD

Restorative Dentistry: Overview, Treatments, Benefits

Restorative dentistry is an umbrella term that covers various treatments and procedures focused on dental regeneration. Whether you cracked a tooth or need a complete smile makeover, restorative dentistry has something to offer everyone. At Ashley Dental Center, we’re here to help you make an informed decision that personalizes your recovery. As such, we offer the best restorative dentistry in Adelphi, Maryland. 


What is Restorative Dentistry? 

Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing, replacing, or restoring missing teeth. We always prioritize saving the original tooth through dental crowns, veneers, composite bondings, or root canal treatments. If we can’t preserve the tooth, we’ll resort to dental implants, bridges, or dentures to replicate the tooth. Restorative dentistry is vital in maintaining jaw structure, bone integrity, and the smile’s alignment. 


5 Benefits of Restorative Dentistry:

While there are certainly more than five benefits of restorative dentistry, here are a few to get you started: 

  • Preserve Bone Strength. Every tooth is vital in maintaining tooth alignment and jaw stability. When one of these teeth falls out or goes missing, it disrupts the harmony of your facial structure. Neighboring teeth begin encroaching on empty gaps, damaging the design of your jaw and leading to bone decay. 
  • Improve Appearance. Unless you’re dressing up as a pirate for Halloween, it might be better to restore a missing tooth! Give yourself a cosmetic boost, and enter social environments with a bright, healthy smile. Your confidence will skyrocket, and you’ll be able to smile without getting strange looks. 
  • Avoid Pain. Enjoying your favorite food with a constant, painful throbbing in your mouth is difficult. If left untreated, cavities, infections, and decay can become annoying quickly. Restorative dentistry looks into the root cause and offers various repairs.
  • Save Time and Money. Act quickly and treat issues with speed and effective treatments. Don’t let laziness sabotage your health or wallet. 
  • Chew Better. Missing teeth can be a hassle. Eating becomes a chore, and food gets stuck between teeth. Invest in restorative care, and rebuild your dream smile. If not for yourself, do it for your favorite food!


Restorative Dentistry Treatments:

At Ashley Dental Center, it’s important to us that we offer you every restorative dental treatment possible. A wide range of treatments increases your options and provides a more personalized treatment. If you need help determining which treatment is best, call us here. 


  • Dental Crowns. We use dental crowns to cover decayed or damaged teeth. Typically made from medical porcelain, crowns can restore a tooth’s proper shape, size, and color. 
  • Dentures. Dentures offer a comprehensive way to replace a whole dental arch. These prosthetics look and feel natural. 
  • Dental Implants. Replace a single tooth with this durable option. We anchor your new tooth to a titanium post connected to the jaw.
  • Tooth Extractions. An extraction is usually a “last resort” measure. However, deep decay or damage may prove too much for even our best restorative measures. We’ll need to replace an extracted tooth with a bridge, dental implant, or alternative measure. 
  • Veneers. Veneers are thin shells made of advanced porcelain. They can straighten your smile, fix cracks, and whiten your smile. While minimally invasive, veneers are robust and blend in with the rest of your smile. 
  • Root Canal Treatment. Root canal treatment saves the original tooth by removing the interior infection. We’ll drill, clean, and reseal the tooth from further contamination. This way, we can keep your jaw structure solid and natural. 
  • Composite Bonding. We can reshape, resize, and recolor the tooth as desired using a composite material. 


Why is Restorative Dentistry Important? 

Despite our best efforts, accidents happen. We may knock out a tooth, forget to floss or catch an unlucky infection. Restorative dentistry gives your teeth a second chance with various corrective procedures. We’ll always do our best to save the natural tooth with crowns, veneers, composite bonding, or root canal treatments. We can move to extraction, dental implants, and bridges if these prove insufficient. Our dentists, Dr. Paul W. Ashley and Dr. Michael Ashley, always come prepared. 


Restorative Dentistry in Adelphi, Maryland

Restorative dentistry gives your teeth a “second life” in the game of life. Even if you’ve knocked out every tooth with a baseball bat, we can restore your smile to its former, pristine glory! At Ashley Dental Center, you’ll leave with a cleaner, brighter, and more full smile every time. 


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