What Happens During a Professional Dental Cleaning?

What Happens During a Professional Dental Cleaning? Preventative Dentistry Ashley Dental Center Paul Ashley DDS PC Dentist in Adelphi Maryland Silver Spring, MD Dental

What Happens During a Professional Dental Cleaning?

The million-dollar question: what happens during a professional dental cleaning? Whether you’re simply curious or are preparing for a game of trivia, it’s an essential question! We’ll go through the steps involved in dental cleaning. At Ashly Dental Center, we offer professional dental cleaning in Adelphi, Maryland. Also known as a dental checkup, these cleanings are essential in preventative dental care by identifying potential threats, cancers, and infections. 


What is a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning is a regular procedure in preventative dentistry. Typically, we perform cleanings with both a dentist and a dental hygienist. We’ll examine your teeth for potential decay, cavities, and gum disease with X-rays and specialized mirrors. We’ll remove all the plaque, tartar, and hard-to-reach bacteria around the mouth. You’ll leave our dentistry with a fresh, bright, and happy smile. 


The 8 Steps of a Professional Dental Cleaning:


1.) A Physical Exam. Before each cleaning session, our dental hygienist will examine your entire mouth. We’ll use a mirror to check around the gums and teeth for any signs of gum disease or other issues. 


2.) Digital X-rays. X-rays are vital in identifying bone loss, tooth decay, tumors, and teeth movement. While we don’t X-ray every time, we may use it to examine areas of concern or update your records. 


3.) Removing Tartar and Plaque. Tartar and plaque are tough to remove, especially alone at home. We offer a helping hand and use qualified dental equipment to remove all the tartar from tooth surfaces. Scraping will prevent gum disease, cavities, and future problems. 


4.) Polishing. You’ll choose your favorite flavor of gritty toothpaste, and we’ll clean your teeth. This polish makes it tricky for plaque to build up and leaves your teeth clean, shiny, and smooth. You’ll look and feel great!


5.) Expert Flossing. Some people may feel guilty about this part because they never floss at home! Regardless, we’ve got you covered. Flossing is essential to remove leftover food, plaque, and bacteria in those tight areas. Flossing will remove any stubborn plaque that may be hiding out in your teeth’s basement. 


6.) Fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral to strengthen your teeth against decay and strengthens enamel. We also recommend using fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash in your daily routine. 


7.) Final Examination. Our dental hygienist will call one of our dentists to conduct the final inspection. They’ll go through the X-rays, dental history, or areas of potential concern. Once we give you the big “thumbs up,” you’re free to go! 


Why are Professional Cleanings Important?

Professional dental cleanings come with lifelong benefits and immediate advantages. Firstly, detecting dental problems early on is a massive benefit. Not only can we locate life-threatening conditions such as oral cancer, but we can detect infections, cavities, and gingivitis. Treatment options are almost always cheaper and more effective when used early. Professional cleanings are one of the most potent preventative dental measures available. 


Dental cleanings clean the breath, improve oral health, prevent cavities, and whiten teeth. 


Are Professional Dental Cleanings Safe? 

Yes! Dental cleanings are among the most common and standard dental treatments. Dentists perform millions of dental cleanings each year. Generally, dental cleanings are quick, fast, and comfortable. 


Professional Dental Cleanings in Adelphi, Maryland

Professional dental cleanings are for everyone looking to upgrade their oral hygiene, prevent further issues, and brighten their smile! With so many benefits, dental cleanings are a staple in everyone’s quest for dental excellence. Our dentists, Dr. Paul W. Ashley and Dr. Michael Ashely, offer excellent, patient-focused care with a side of fries. While the side of fries is a joke (for legal purposes), we’re genuinely excited to help you throughout your dental journey. 


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